The musings and scattered projects of a self-confessed geek

Tor-tally cool

I guess I have to start by apologising for the title pun there, but I have been able to hook up Tor with pfSense – in a way – in order to access system in the UK while looking like my connection is in the UK.¬†Unfortunatly, it’s just not as neat as I would like.

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Rebuild all the things!

Since I completed programming for the first version of my RenameTV project, I got a little disenchanted staring at the software side of things. Instead of treating it like a job and just getting down and packaging it all up like a good little code monkey, I decided to take a break and re-analyse my hardware.

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First project done!

I’ve been off the grid a lot lately but all that time is finally coming to fruition, my RenameTV app is done!!

It’s not perfect, not even close, but it’s been great to develop something again and actually be able to get something out the door. I have had time to play with many different bits of Qt for this, even toyed with creating a plug-in system to allow for different methods of getting the data. That was scrapped, but it was an excellent learning experiance and will certainly rear it’s head in future versions should the user or contributor numbers raise greater than one.

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Using doxygen with gh-pages on GitHub

As I’ve been working on my RenameTV project recently, I thought it about time to start properly and formally documenting my code. For automatic documentation generation there is doxygen, which is fantastically well supported and pretty much always works like a charm. It can create very detailed and cross-referenced documentation in many formats including HTML and LaTeX.

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